MBBS, Postgraduate Diploma Clinical Cardiology (PGDCC)
16 years experience

Educational Qualifications:

PGDCC (Postgraduate Diploma Clinical Cardiology)
CCEBDM (Diabetes)
Member American Diabetes Association
Member American Society of Echocardiography
Member RSSDI


A qualified Cardiologist, diabetologist and endocrinologist, Dr. Rajiv Pahwa offers one of the best treatments to diabetic patients and to those complaining about ailments in their endocrine organs. Ever since the time this medical practitioner started practising way back in 2005, the individual has always ensured to treat the condition based on the patient's symptoms, duration of illness, complications of diabetes and other necessary case history so as to address the problem from its root. This medical person has become one of the most significant point of contacts for the diabetic patients within the city as the treatment quality has always been very dependable as per the feedback received from the previous patients.